Bulk Sms Short Code


Bulk SMS has the power to maximize your revenue and margins while minimizing costs by increasing your business productivity, improving levels of customer service and facilitating authentication processes. Use the Bulk SMS product for SMS marketing, SMS reminders, information /education through SMS, timely alerts, introducing a new customer touch-base point with personalized communication.


  • End-to-end campaign management through API
  • Multiple SMS’s can be sent combined as one
  • Build and manage opt in subscriber base
  • Web Based Panel
  • Supports multiple modes of upload

SMS Keyword

Mobile keywords in text message marketing is a new marketing tool that can work extremely well for a lot of businesses. Since text messages get read 90% of the time, a well designed keyword marketing plan can typically result in a 25% response by the consumers. This kind of response is much higher than that of other traditional marketing methods like direct mail


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